Friday, February 26, 2010

Still Here


It was a long week of playing catch up after being sick and hurting my foot.  Then would had a scare that my son might have had pneumonia but thankfully it was just bronchitis.  I sat out in the warm sun at school yesterday and finally finished carving this second lino block.  My prints were due yesterday.  Oh well.  I'm going to keep plugging away with them.  I pulled about fifteen prints today with this second block.  Tomorrow I will pull the final prints with the key block.  Registration was an issue so I hope I get at least one good one.  Now I know what to do next time.  I am excited that we are going to start etching on copper next.  That might suit my love of detail a little better.  Should be fun!

After spending a couple hours in the print studio I dashed through the pouring rain over to the ceramics studio and finished working on these sculptures.  The one on the left was made with paper stencils and slip.  I'm loving this technique also.   I also threw some cone 6 porcelain parts for some small sculptures.


I finished up the day by playing around with a couple of altered cup forms.  This clay is fun stuff!  Now, can I get myself ready for an art opening at the 1078 Gallery that started half an hour ago. I'd better get moving! 

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