Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clay Rocks!

So much clay, so little time to blog about it!  Here is a little recap of last weekend's Chico State exhibit at CCACA clay conference in Davis, CA.

Rick Barnett


Chaz Jay

Chaz Jay Detail


Amanda Swede Detail

Mallory Russell

I'll update with proper names and titles after I come back from the university tomorrow.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Update and Instagram Link

Hey Folks!  Life has been crazy or something like that.  I recently got an iPhone.  Yay me!  So now I am having fun taking quick pics and I am finding that I am sending updates frequently to facebook and forgetting all about my little 'ol blog.  Sorry about that.  At any rate, I have added an Instagram link to the right there at the top so that you can so what I am up to on a more regular basis. And with that, here are some photos of what I have been up to in the last month.

I went to NCECA in Houston Texas.  

At the La Mesa Exhibit

My toes in the Gulf of Mexico

Seashells from Galveston to be used in the wood fire at Penland

Galveston, TX

Firing the soda kiln


Yee Haw!

So excited about this most recent firing.

Making pumpkin pancakes.

Now I am making more soda work.  I will probably only have time for one more soda firing before the semester is over.  Plus, I will be making work for the wood fire at Penland where I will be from the end of May until the end of June.  Besides all that, I will be packing for my cross country relocation for Grad school.  No rest in sight!