Thursday, December 06, 2007

Final Exams Approach

As finals approach I am both elated and stressed at the same time. I'm exited because as a reentry student approaching 40 years I was hesitant, actually terrified at how things would go. Now I know it's not so bad. Except for finals week and all the last minute projects the professors are handing out because its on the syllabus but they are just now giving it out. Stuff like take home quizzes and last minute quizzes that we were supposed to have in class a month ago. All this extra work on top of finals projects and final exams. When it rains it pours.
Speaking of rain we are finally having our first real rain. We were so spoiled with a long drawn out warm fall. But there are beautiful things to every season and pattern. I'm looking forward to school being out until late January. Maybe I'll finally be able to work on projects like getting my Etsy store up and running and figuring out how to promote this blog so it really gets noticed and I am not just typing into thin air.
I would really love some mentoring when it comes to creating a blog presence. Feel free to enlighten me. It would be so greatly appreciated.