Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was going through some old photos to use for a current art project and came across this one. This is Kyle when he was six years old. I took a series of black and whites for a photography class at UCSB during the summer in '95. I've really been feeling the empty nest syndrome, especially with the holidays coming up. I love the look of serenity on his face.

This is the one that I think expresses his personality most of the time. And maybe even now also. For this shot I used an old manual camera that was manufactured in Russia. I don't even remember what it was called. It took medium format film and was very easy to double expose if you forgot to crank the film forward to the next frame. I love the way it turned out. This has the vintage, distressed look because I left the negative in its plastic sleeve and rather dusty when I scanned it. Oops, I also scanned it backwards.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harvest Morning

I should be working on my research paper, or getting ready to leave so that I won't miss the bus but I'm too distracted by the beautiful sun and the produce still growing in my garden. I can't believe I still have cucumbers. They are growing slowly but I still have four on my plant. I have tons of green tomatoes. Don't know if they'll ripen before the frost comes. I might try making a mini green house around them. Well, now I really need to be off. Have a great day!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Beautiful Day

It has been a wonderful, warm and sunny day.  Too bad I have been sick in bed.  I haven't had a cold for a long time so I guess it was my turn.  It is hard to believe it is November already.  I still have lots of Zinnias in the garden and picked four cucumbers and eight bell beppers yesterday.  There wont be too many more of those.  I still have kohlrabi, turnips, kale, lettuce and basil.  I have a bunch of red onion starts to thin out and I still need to plant my garlic.  School and work study have been keeping me very busy and, thankfully, the garden is mostly taking care of itself.  I have started to get into the fruit that I canned up over the summer and it is delicious.  I need to get back out of bed soon and finish up a few projects before school tomorrow.  I can hardley wait for thansgiving break.