Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh My Aching Neck!

Is there officially terminology for "potter's shoulder?"  You know, the strange phenomena that occurs when one throws too much clay and the muscle in one's shoulder tightens up before you realize it and almost instantly results in an excruciating muscle tension headache?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Is that what I get for not throwing on a regular basis and then just going all out?  I was having fun and enjoying myself and didn't even notice my muscles getting tight.  I guess I need to do warm-ups and cool downs like any kind of sport.  Pottery is a sport, isn't it?

On another note.  The other day I was in a kind of sad, down mood.  I decided to just relax into it instead of getting more upset because I wasn't happy.  Instead of rushing off to the pottery studio at school I decided to get out some of my art supplies.  I turned on some good music and crawled back into bed with paper, scissors and glue/gel medium.  Yeah, in bed but I put the glue on the bedside table.


I had a good, relaxing, meditative time working on these pieces.  I tried to tune in to what my emotions are trying to tell me.  I think I need to make some more changes in my life and head in a different direction but I am not sure what that is yet.  I'm going to try to spend some more meditative time reflecting and listening to what my heart and mind are trying to tell me.  

Maybe right now I just need to accept what I have and were I am at and sink into it comfortably and wait until the time is right for some change. The biggest challenge for me is that part requiring patience.  Oh, that stuff.  Yeah, one of the things I was put here to learn. I don't do it that well.  I did thoroughly enjoy my collage session and plan on some more soon.  What kinds of things to you like to do to refocus and tune in to what directions you need to move in?  And what do you do when you know the move might be a difficult one?

Ok, I've got the warm rice pack on my shoulders now and my eyes are getting drowsy.  The cozy soft bed is also calling me.  Goodnight everyone.  Thank you for taking a peek into my world.


Sarah said...

I don't have any answers I'm afraid, I'm the worst for blocking out my problems... It sounds like you're on the right track just by recognising theres something going on!

Your pottery is beautiful (the achy shoulder is worth it :) ) I used to take a ceramics class but throwing always eluded me, short squat pots were as far as I got :)

claydancer said...

Thanks Sarah. Warm rice packs applied to the neck did wonders for the headache. Love your paper art.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, collages are a very good reflective exercise! They are beautiful!! I always do the music because it can help the inspiration flow. I love to crochet and listen to music somewhere other than at the house. My preference is in my car because I can hook my ipod up, the seat is adjustable and I can park it wherever I want! Good luck with your changes, they are never easy for me either.