Monday, February 08, 2010

Photoshop Fun


What is the point of having photographs if I don't do anything with them.  I am trying to focus on the things I care about more thanks to a tweet from David Schlesinger (stonemirror on twitter.)  Photography is definitely one of the things I care greatly about.  I have since I was a young girl.  I didn't realize it but I overheard my mother telling a friend that I was always asking to use her camera.  I didn't remember that but I did love taking pictures.  She bought me my first SLR, a used one, when I was about fourteen. For my sixteenth birthday she surprised me with a brand new SLR.  That was probably the best gift I have ever received.  Thanks mom for nurturing my love of photography.  I love being in the darkroom, but with digital I am loving the digital darkroom and image editing software.  I haven't played with it near enough as of late.  My camera is still on the fritz and I've been borrowing my son's digital point and shoot.  I still don't have a digital SLR but it is on my wish list.

What I want to do now is spend some time on all the photos I have stored. I want to spend time learning different photo editing techniques and build up a portfolio of images.  The above image I wanted to have a sort of vintage feel.  Thanks to Nasos3 for his free texture images.  I desaturated the original photo and applied this texture as an overlay and then further tweaked the levels, hue and saturation until I liked what I saw.  I haven't decided if I am satisfied that this is the final image.  I am feeling like it is a little dark.  What do you think?  Also, thank you to Paxton Prints for some great tutorials and more awesome free textures that I can't wait to try out.  Do any of you photographers out there have any links to favorite tutorial sites?

Since it is early Monday morning I should probably go to sleep soon. Have a great week.

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Charlene said...

i like that picture you photoshoped! yea the only reason i had to work like that for my show was because i really had no previous work that i would show - but if you already have more pieces you are probably in better shape! i feel soon i may need to revert to that schedule just to make sure that this upcoming show won't be too lame! :) haha