Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sculpture and Slip Trailing

Do you ever feel like you can't figure out how come you didn't get all the things done you needed to?  That was me today.  Maybe I was distracted by the gorgeous sunshine.  Actually, if I hadn't torn myself away from the computer I might have missed that it was sunny at all.  I got so distracted researching imagess and source material for an idea. I have some ideas about working with cocoons as a jumping off point for some new work.I was so engrossed with my thoughts and images that time just flew by.  Of course, I had to sit down and draw some sketches too.  After all that, I had to run and errand and then I decided I should spend a couple of hours visiting one of my best friends.  Then there was the nap and the paperwork...  I finally got to the ceramics studio about 7:00pm.    I never did make it to the print studio today. I imagine I will be too tired tomorrow after making two large trashcans worth of recycle into some pugged clay for the students. Not too mention, I really should work on the sink traps, yuck!  Hmmm, maybe prints on Monday morning?


I did work on my altered cups some more and practiced some slip trailing and stenciling.  I am having so much fun with this.  And it is my reward for working on my sculptures. Besides, if I want to fire my cone 6 sculptures I might as well have some other fun things to fill the kiln with.  Especially since I am trying to learn how to work with and fire this clay.


Cone 6 Porcelain sculpture.  Not really sure how I am liking this clay.  It really has a lot of talc in it which I am not used to and so attaching these pieces was a lot different than the other clays I have been working with.  I'd like to get some other cone 6 porcelains for comparison.  I have a couple more smaller sculptures but I think I will wait to see how they dry before I make anymore.  I am a little worried about them cracking at the seams.  I have made these forms with cone 10 English porcelain which I usually dry pretty slow to avoid and cracking but sometimes they do anyway.  

I met with my BFA advisor, Sue Whitmore, the other day and she suggested that I might try cutting open my forms and exploring the interior space.  This was a mini piece, only about 5 inches and I wasn't excited with the form so I decided to sacrifice it to the experiment.  Pretty interesting to see what goes on inside one of these pieces. This idea would also lend itself well to the coccoon/chrysalis ideas floating through my head. I think I will explore this more but with a more forgiving and plastic clay.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly! You are getting so talented with the clay. I love to see your posts and watch the transformation of your projects.

claydancer said...

Thanks Ann. I am working towards an art show that will be opening on March 29 at the BMU Gallery at Chico State so I have lots of work to do. I'll post more info later.