Sunday, February 14, 2010

Printmaking Sketchbook


I finally figured out my flub on uploading pictures into blogger.  I accidentally had chosen the Edit HTML tab instead of the Compose tab.  Silly me.  Now I'm up and running with images again.  I have been working hard in the ceramics studio and then I remembered I had an assignment for printmaking that I needed to switch gears for.  I am taking Introduction to Printmaking with Eileen Macdonald at CSU Chico. We are working on Lino Cuts right now and I have to do research on 10 artist and make notes in my sketchbook on eight of them.  So far I am really enjoying the work of Endi Poskovic and John Buck. Above is my first preliminary sketch for the lino project and I need a total of at least three sketches.

This is my second sketch and I am liking this progression better.  I started filling in all black in the background and then I wanted to play around with some color instead.  I also want to define the other organic shapes so that they have more volume and pop out of the image better.  It has been interesting having to change my thinking about drawing because now I have to work somewhat in reverse of what I am used to so that I remember what I will be carving away from the the lino block.  Linoleum Block printing is very similar to Woodcut except that you carve into a lino block instead of wood.  MOMA has a great demo of the woodcut process here.

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