Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pancake Supper Etsy Treasury

How fun to make it into this Pancake Supper Etsy Treasury by Gemini River Rocks.  Having my pottery in this treasury means I can actually make a post today without getting in trouble for not working on ceramics which I actually did today.  It was pretty mellow though.  My back was sore today.  Probably from sitting in this bad office chair at my computer.  I took a rice pack to heat up in the microwave at shcool and then sat leaned up with it in my chair while I assemble small parts and that I want to make sprig molds out of .

I am excited about trying out some new ideas for surface treatments on my forms. It will be fun to see were I go with it.  Ok , now I am suffering from a chocolate overload.  Meagan left the studio to go to Upper Crust
Bakery for a chocolate cookie and came back with a cream cheese brownie. That's what got me started then I had to stop at the store and pick up some chocolate chips. Then I had to watch the chocolate competition on food network. The next thing I know, I'm smelling brownies baking that my son whipped up. I think we must have been on the same wavelength.  I'd better go to sleep.

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