Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunny Photo Opportunities Today


Let's see, I worked in the studio today and finished painting and carving my sculptures.  But never mind that.  It was sunny and there were a ton of photo opportunities around town.  I walked to school and took pictures in the morning and then I finished my work and walked around town for the hour before sunset.  It was gorgeous.  This is the tower of Bidwell Presbyterian just outside the ceramics studio at Chico State.  I absolutely love the warm late afternoon light.


This is Collier's Hardware just across the street from the church.  This store is an institution.  They have been around forever and if you need even an obscure item they are sure to find it lurking around in some bin or the basement.  They also keep the hugest hand crank vintage ice cream maker in the basement.  They haul it out every summer for an old fashioned ice cream social at Bidwell Mansion. I like the way the chartreuse green and yellow contrast with the vivid blue sky.

I decided that I could get better pictures of the water towers since it was earlier than the photos I took on Tuesday.  Has the week gone by this fast already?  Wow!  This is at about four thirty in the afternoon before the light had really started changing.  The architecture is wonderful and these water towers are like nothing I had ever seen before moving up here from Santa Barbara, CA.


Spring really is just right around the corner even though we are still in that transition phase.  I found these narcissus next to the driveway of a house across the street from the water towers.  They smelled delicious and the sun was still warm enough while I ran around taking photos.

This is a fun shot with all the barren trees.  This is taken about five o'clock and the sunlight is getting warmer in color as the sun gets closer to the horizon.


You can really see the warm sunlight reflecting off the bottom of the tower.

Ahh, the conclusion of the photo shoot.  The golden light reflecting off the towers finally reached a saturated glow about three minutes before the sun finally slipped below the horizon.  What a satisfying day.  And I really did work in the studio.  Honest!  I have proof.  I hope everyone had as great a day as I did!

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