Monday, January 18, 2010

Heart Bowls in the Studio and Sculpture Sneak Peak

The rains came down and the wheel spun round and round.  We are in for a week of rain.  What better excuse for a day in the studio.  I spent a full eight hours in the studio today working on sculptures for my March show at the Bell Memorial Union at Chico State.  I also made a bunch of heart bowls before it gets too late for Valentine's day items.  Keep an eye out for them in my Etsy store.


I had so much fun in studio.  I set out a bunch of different projects and spent the afternoon flitting about from one to the other.  I tried some new techniques including inlaying some cone 6 porcelain into my cone six navajo wheel.  Both clays I got from IMCO. I got this technique from Maureen Mills' book, Surface Design for Ceramics that I got at my local Barnes and Noble.

I finished putting a couple of orbs onto sculptures and now they are fully assembled.  I also threw some more orbs for a couple more sculptures that I will make with this red mid-range clay.  In this sneak peak of my sculpture in progress you can see the sgrafitto swirls.  This is were I am inlaying the porcelain.  I am also trying some sprig ideas.  I don't have any sprigs made yet but I wanted to get an idea of how they might look so I stamped some clay with rubber stamps and used mini cookie cutters to get the sprigs.  Kind of interesting but I think I will like the sprigs better if I ever get them made.  There is only so much time in the day!  Ugh.  I took all kinds of goodies and supplies with me over to school and I had the whole big studio all to myself.  I wanted to do more and I didn't want to leave.  I am still exited and wish I was over there but truthfully, I don't think I can move!  Tomorrow is another day.'s just going to keep on raining.

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