Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golden Sunset Water Towers

The sun finally came out!  I came out of ceramics just in time to see the gorgeous sunset that was happening and I didn't have my camera!  I raced home and grabbed it and sped back out to try to catch some good light.  I love these water towers and the golden glow they were reflecting.  I would have preferred ten minutes early and from the other side.  When I came out of class they were literally glowing  golden against a very dark sky with the wet, dark trees silhouetted against them.  It was very dramatic.  Alas, these shots are what I'll have to settle for.

At least there was sun.  Woo hoo! And there is supposed to be sun again tomorrow.  Oh, what to do?  Should I get up before sunrise and head out for some sunrise pics and bask in the early morning rays?

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