Friday, January 22, 2010

Focus and Hard Work

Who would have thought that actually focusing and working hard would be productive?  It's not like I spend too much time blogging and being on facebook or anything like that.  Oh yeah, and surfing the internet...  The weather is finally calming down and we only had a tiny short sprinkle. It's a good thing too because we had to load in a ton of clay for the students to start on Monday.  I did another marathon day in the studio today.  I went in to put some work study hours but they only needed me for a couple so I got the rest of the day to work on my stuff.  I mixed up a fresh batch of white slip for my sculptures and decided these mugs needed it too.  These will get some underglaze colors and sgraffito decoration.

Here is another sneak peak of the sculpture in progress.  This is the inlay after scraping back the porcelain.  It will get more defined when I sand it down after it is dry.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  The rest of the piece has slip and will get a variety of decorative treatments.  I can't give too much away. Shh, it is supposed to be a surprise.

I might be giving you too much of a peak of this one but I had a lot of fun connecting all the orbs and this is what evolved.  I love this clay.  It reminds me of chocolate.  I probably wont show anymore of this one until the show.  I also got my new heart bowls and clay stamps into a bisque today.  Tomorrow it is not supposed to rain and we might go in a mix up a couple of batches of recycled clay so that we can get the mess of scrap clay out of the classrooms.  On the other hand, if it is nice enough I am tempted to take a drive and enjoy the day and play a little before school starts.  I definitely deserve it.  I have been so extremely busy over this Christmas break that I owe it to myself to do something nice for myself.  We'll see.  Tomorrow is another day.  I'm bushed.

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