Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clay Stamps and Power Outage

What do you like to do when the weather is bad?  I HAD great plans to go over to the studio today, but it seemed that everything got in the way.  First I had an appointment to deal with in the morning.  When I got home I changed my clothes into my grubbies and was gearing up to head to the studio.  About the same time the rain really started to pour and the wind was blowing so hard that tree branches were falling out of the sky.  So I hesitated just long enough until the power went out.  Not knowing if the power was on at the studio didn't help with my diminishing resolve.  What to do now was the question.  No internet, no Facebook, no blogging and no Twitter!  I didn't want my clay plans to go to complete waste so I set myself up on a towel in front of the window, stretched out on my tummy and went to work.

I made impressions on both ends of the stamps with wooden tools and the ends of paint brushes.  Basically anything that was close at hand and looked like it would make a good shape.  The piece on the left above is a sprig that I am going to slop a little bit of plaster on to make a little press mold.  The others I will put into a bisque firing as is.  These were fun and something I have been wanting to make.  The largest piece is only about an inch and a half. 

The power did finally come back on and the rain let up enough for me to run out to my storage for some packing peanuts.  I got a heart bowl packed up and then I went to the post office.  Yeah, me and everyone else in town made a run for it.  The post office was swamped and then I spied the automated shipping service.  What a great invention.  I was out of there in minutes.  While I was standing at the machine I saw Jerome "J" Pouwels, artist and instructor extraordinaire! I had him for figure drawing a couple of semesters ago and he is teaching again in the spring.  Good to have you back, J.

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