Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Etsy Sale, New Light Tent and More Enchilada Adventures

Yeah, I got my first ever sale through Etsy.  I am very excited!  I modified my light tent last night.  Wait, did I already tell everyone that?  Oh well, I stayed up much too late taking lots of photos so I am kind of bleary-eyed.  I still have lots I want to do today.  I've got to take some things I don't need to the thrift store and do general errands and run around.  Unfortunately it will take me to that side of town where the fabric store is and you know what happens then?  I usually get sucked in!  I had plans to go into the studio and get a head start on some sculptures for my show in March.  I hope I can squeeze it in even if only for a short time just to kick start me in to gear.

Here are the results of the continuing adventures of the enchiladas.  I decided to caramelize my onions first.  I started with a little olive oil and then added about half a tablespoon of butter.  Yummy!

Getting nice and caramelized after about fifteen minutes...

Here I de-glazed the pan with some chicken broth and all that brown sugary goodness is covering the onions.  At this point, just eating the onions would have been yummy.

This time I am layering the tortillas instead of rolling them up. I did not fry them in oil or put any kind of oil on them.  I did rub a little olive oil on the bottom of the pan so they would not stick but they stuck a little anyway.  In between the layers is the chicken, onions, green enchilada sauce, extra fire roasted green chilies and cheddar jack cheese.  I wanted all white jack cheese but I was out. 

These got rave reviews from the crowd at home.  Much better that the ones with red sauce and not oily.  I made these before I got your comment LaShaunna so next time I will try cooking them in the sauce a little to soften them up before I either layer them or roll them and see how that goes.  Thanks for the great tip!  Ok, now I am off and out of here.  Wish me luck on getting everything done!


Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog post. Your enchilada's look great. Makes me hungry. Good for you for going back to CSUC. I also have a 20 year old son who is a junior at Chico State.

Charlene said...

Hey! Yea I was debating between Alpha and Imco, how is the store Imco? maybe we can road trip down there sometime! one or the other place, pick up fun clay stuff!