Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

I finally got all of my sculptures installed in the gallery this morning.  That is, Monday morning, now that it is shortly into Tuesday.  I have done many arts and craft fairs with my pottery but this was the first gallery show with sculpture.  I had wonderful help from many people.  Special thanks go out to Allison, Cameron, Jenny and Charlene.  I couldn't have done it without you people.  You are very appreciated!

It was pretty crazy getting all of my pieces out of their boxes and setting them up.  I got all of the wall pieces set up and it looked great.  Then I set everything up on the pedestals and I had WAY too much work for the gallery space.  I maybe could have quit making things a month ago and it would have been fine.  However, I am grateful that I had too much rather than too little.  With lots of help I got the pieces edited down so the space wouldn't look cramped.  This small porcelain piece is about eight inches tall.  I really wanted it in the show along with another black and white piece but they just wouldn't fit and didn't quite work with the other pieces which are quite different.

I like this graphic design and the contrast so much that I am thinking of making a body of work that is all black and white.  That will be quite a departure for me as I am so into color.  This piece originally started out as a test piece.  I  had two forms and some slip left from a throwing session.  I decided to mix some black stain into the slip until it "looked right," although I wasn't sure what right meant.  I didn't know if I would get some shade of gray or what.  This is cone ten and it came out this fabulous rich black with hints of cobalt.  I hope all you clay people who are going to NCECA or, are already there, have a great time.  I hope to make the trip to Florida next year.  I have never been and I want to meet everyone.  Have a great Tuesday.

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