Friday, March 26, 2010

Porcelain, Pots and Pedestals

This week has been a crazy week of glazing my porcelain sculptures and pots to fill the kiln and getting it loaded.  After that there was running around trying to get my postcards and posters.  I had to get the posters re-printed because my image file was too small.  Then I had to prime some black pedestals and move nine pedestals from the ceramics building over to the gallery.  Not very far but they were heavy.  I should have had the foresight to enlist some help.  After getting all that done I spent the day running around campus and around town to put up posters for the show.  Then, it was off to the hardware store for anchors for the hanging pieces.  Hey, this is the first time I've done this.  I had no idea!  By the time I get my show set up on Monday I will probably be so tired I will have to sleep for the week before my reception.

The cone 10 firing went off last night and I just about burned the tips of my fingers this afternoon with my enthusiasm to get to the sculptures to see how they turned out.  I've been working with low fire and haven't worked with cone 10 porcelain for awhile.  Sometimes you just have to get reminded about stuff the hard way.  I forgot how much porcelain likes to shrink and slump in the kiln!  I had two pieces sag over and fuse themselves to something else.  One piece to a small cup and the other to a half shelf next to it.  I got the one off the shelf and I think I can grind down the spot and hide it with the luster design that I want to try out.  I may or may not get it done in time for Monday.  Do you think anyone would notice if I sneak it in a day late?  Shhh, don't tell.

I was relieved to get the work out of the kiln and some of the pieces I am really excited about.  I tried some new things that I think I want to continue exploring.  I finally came home pooped out from the week and I wanted to check up on my blog, email and such, but no dice.  My wireless adapter cannot find the connection even though it is just fifteen feet down the hall.  So I am borrowing the computer from the family members but you know, it's just not the same as your own.  I will have to admit the chair is more comfortable than mine.  Anyhow, no photos for tonight.  I should have some soon, especially of the show.  But I should probably wait until after the reception.  Waiting is so hard!  I feel that I am truly rambling on now.  Have a great weekend!

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