Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Terracotta Re-do's

Before I left North Carolina I gifted or traded a number of pieces.  Some I traded for other art and some I just gave to people I really liked. 

It can be both beautiful and difficult to give away your favorite pieces but I am so happy that the people who got them were really excited about it and that makes me feel great.  Yet, I miss them so now I have a great excuse to go back into the studio and play some more.  

It's time to reward myself for all the paperwork, cleaning and errand running I have been doing for the past week.  It will also give me a chance to test the glaze recipes I got at Penland with my local red clay bodies.  And I do mean TEST.  Not all of the glazes fit certain clay bodies as I found out the hard way when I forgot about the recommendations Ronan had given the class. Oops!  Learning curve, doh!

So I will remake some of my favorite pieces and some test pieces and probably try out a combination of glazes that I already know work and then test the new glazes.  Spiffy!  I love glaze testing!

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone.  Stay cool!


Michelle May (Shell) said...

They are all so beautiful, but the first piece is my favorite!!!
xx, shell

Emily V. said...

So cool! I especially like the leafy teacup!