Monday, June 20, 2011

Gertrude Graham Smith Pottery

Field trip day!  Ronan took the class on a field trip to local potteries around Penland during the Terracotta Throwdown.  Our first stop was at the studio of Gertrude Graham Smith, aka, Gay Smith.

What a delightful woman with "to die for pottery!"  She welcomed us into her studio with true style.  She had homemade brownies, pretzels and pitchers full of water and lemonade with an assortment of gorgeous cups from her favorite potters to drink out of.

Gay is truly a beautiful person.  I absolutely love the sense of movement in her thrown and altered pieces. They seem to be dancing on the shelves.  She was getting all set up the the Toe River Studio Tours which was wonderful for us to see everything out on display.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gay!

Ronan Peterson, Gay Smith, and Chanda Glendinning

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Joana Leighmoore said...

Her creations are mostly inspired by the history motif. But even though her inspiration for the designs are from the past, they all look lovely and timely, as most of us now appreciate the beauty of the old times.