Sunday, May 02, 2010

Karl McDade Silkscreen Transfers on Clay

Karl McDade Demonstrating Silkscreen Transfers for Clay 

I made it back from CCACA in Davis, CA!  This was an incredible ceramics conference hosted by the John Natsoulas Gallery.  It was a great weekend of workshops, lectures and shows.  I'm so tuckered out that I don't think I can post too much.  However, the first workshop of the conference was by Karl McDade and it was incredible.  I was planning on doing some silkscreen on clay for my final project in my printmaking class and this was just the resource I needed.  Thanks, Karl!

Peeling the paper back from the first transfer

I'll try to get more posted soon.  I have final critiques coming up next week.  Yikes!  Already?  Where did the semester go to?  Plus I have a show to do on Mother's Day.  Wish me luck.  I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as much as I am.  Goodnight.


FetishGhost said...

Printmaking class and clay... that's a sweet angle on creating narratives on ceramics.

Anonymous said...

looks very interesting, can't wait to see your work with silkscreens:) good luck with your finals