Friday, May 07, 2010

CCACA Ceramic Artist Photos

Phew!  Well I finally caught my breath after last weekends whirlwind conference only to have a panic attack today about my printmaking final.  A perfectionist attitude combined with a gemini personality along with too many choices made a muck of my idea generating process.  Then I was saved when our delightful instructor, Eileen MacDonald informed me that there were tons of silkscreens available and it would be a shame if I didn't do another silkscreen project.  Yeah!  Narrowing the focus is such a wonderful thing.  So I spent the last couple of hours listening to relaxing music and drawing some really interesting shapes.  The worst part for me is the planning stage.  After that it is just a lot of hard work but I can deal with that.  Being busily engaged in a project is what keeps me sane.  I think?

So, at the request of a loyal follower, I finally have some more images from the CCACA ceramics conference!  Enjoy.  I will get an album uploaded soon to my facebook.
 Monica Van Den Dool

Simon Dwire, Sandi Escobar, Cameron Crawford, Cory Condry

Taco Tongue
Sandi Escobar

Racheil Wenner hanging her Fetuses

Arthur Gonzales

Admiring Meaghan Gates work

Shenny Phillips Cruces


Demise of Education, Detail
Paula Moran

Well, that's all for now.  And it's a good thing.  I got to go to bed!  Too much work and printmaking tomorrow.  But it should be fun.  Zzzz...

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Anonymous said...

interesting pictures:) good luck with the final:)