Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ceramics Conference

I wish I had time to post but I have been running amuk lately.  I've been busy putting work through the kilns for my Mother's Day show at Cory's Country Inn.  I finally got the work out of the glaze kiln and I am in love with the new designs I have been working on.  I just pulled them out this morning but I have been rushing around getting supplies for the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts (CCACA) down in Davis,CA.  All the colleges from the area set up shows of student work and I will be there with Chico State.  It should be a weekend of fun.  There will be wonderful guest artist workshops and lectures and lots of ceramic art to see.  I can't wait.  But I better get to bed.  I've got to get up early to pack up and head out.

I'll leave you with this picture from last years conference.  After a long day painting and prepping, students and teachers pause to appreciate the work and beautiful set up.  Watch out people!  I'm taking more photos this year.  hahaha

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