Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sculpture from my solo show.


I have a head cold today and I'm not feeling so hot but here are some shots of the gallery were I had my very first solo show.  This is the view from the entrance to the gallery.  This piece in the front is porcelain fired to cone 10.

These pieces are earthenware with underglaze and sgrafitto.

The two pieces here in the foreground are porcelain and the two behind are stoneware.  I had a hard time taking these pictures because of the lighting. I had a mix of natural light, fluorescent and halogen.  I also had some depth of field issues.  I might go back and try to shoot some more shots before I take the show down on Thursday. 

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Vicki said...

Thanks for posting these, I was waiting to see what they looked like in the gallery. Gorgeous!