Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fibromyalgia and Internet Issues!

Yesterday I made these gorgeous tiles in a unique shape created with one of my snowflake cutouts.  The downside was using my body in a way I am not used to and then in doing to many at once because I was excited with them and having a great time.  Time just flew by (time really does fly when you are having fun!) and it was late when I looked up at the clock.  I could tell that my elbow was  hurting.  When I woke up this morning I was in real pain.  That all over ache like when  you get the flu.  That's fibromyalgia for you.  Most of the time I can ignore the fibro, especially by keeping busy and I mostly don't feel it.  Then there are days like yesterday when I do something that my body is not used to.  Then I overdo it on top of that and I am quickly reminded of my limitations.  Slow and steady should be my motto.  I had that tender all over feeling and I wouldn't even let my cat initiate her morning ritual of walking all over me.  She tried but it just hurt too much.

I haven't been taking photos too much lately.  I have been feeling kind of obsessed with ceramics.  In a good way, I think.  Here is a photo I took about a month ago of the handrail on the footbridge to campus.  I like the design and the graphic qualities.  I am at campus right now, using the computer.  I finally gave up on mine at home.  It does a lot of things great as long as I don't get on the internet.  I'm not sure what is wrong with our internet at home or if it is a combo of the internet and my old computer.  The last couple of days, hours have been wasted just waiting for pages to load.  This  morning I couldn't get anything no matter how I tried to connect.  I feeling like borrowing somebody's computer just to make sure whether or not it is my computer or the connection.

I'm actually in a relatively good mood, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  But I am tired and sore and in my fogginess I left my keys at home when I ran off to school at 8am.  I was all ready to get into the printmaking lab and work on something extra that was due today.  But without a key, I can't get into my locker to get my supplies.  It's only a ten minute walk home so I'll be heading out soon to go retrieve them.  I think I'll stop and buy a bike lock first in the school bookstore and then I can get back and forth even quicker.  Oh, and a bike helmet too.  But I got to go to the bikestore for that.  Thanks for listening to me ramble today.  Sometimes, you just gotta vent.  Have a great one!

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Linda Fahey said...

hey Kelly - I've been reading through your blog; I like it!

just paused here because I can relate; I have CF and Fibro - it's an interesting thing to work with and around! Wish you good luck!