Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Work and No Play...

It has been such an incredibly gorgeous weekend!  It almost felt like summer today.  I have actually been way too obsessed with clay lately to take time for myself.  Not that I have to be that obsessed, just that I have been having lots of fun.  So yesterday, I decided "I need to get out of this studio!"  I was feeling like, all work and no play makes me a dull girl indeed.  I headed out to walk home and was thinking about where I might want to go.  Then I crossed the footbridge on campus and thought, "Why do I need to go anywhere when this is right here?"  Besides that, my feet were killing me and the cold water of the creek looked much too inviting.

I thought it would feel excellent to soak my toes in the water so I climbed down to some rocks and took my shoes off.  It is really great that campus is situated right next to this wonderful creek.  Because of the recent rains, it was really full.  And, it was really cold!  It took a little while to get my feet used to the cold and then I just soaked them until they were numb.  It was extremely refreshing and my feet thanked me. 

It was so relaxing and the sound of the water flowing by started to make me sleepy.  If there had been a place to lie down I would have let the creek lull me to sleep.  But then the mosquitoes found me and I wasn't prepared for them so I put my shoes on and headed up the tiny hill.  Oops, it was kind of hard walking with numb feet.  I am going to do it again soon!

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The Struthers Clan said...

Nice pictures Kelly! I love it that you are able to know when you need to escape. Good for you.