Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kickstarter Preview

Well, I've finally come out of my doldrums.  Yay!  I am almost finished with the planning stages of my Kickstarter project, "Fly Me to Penland."  What's awesome about getting this setup is they give you a link to the preview so that you can share it and get feedback before the official launch.  I don't have the video up yet but I will be recording it tomorrow (oops, I guess that's today already.)  I am going to try to have it loaded up by the ended of the day.  So please go take a look, if you would be so kind, and let me know what you think.  Now that my fingers are frozen and I can barely type, I guess I better get some shut eye.  I don't need any bags under my eyes, that's for sure!

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Jesse Lu Bain said...

hey girl, wishing you all the luck and so jealous that you'll be out there in those beautiful mountains making and working! Just posted on (Mud)Bucket,