Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tortilla Yumminess

This past week I've been involved in many activities and did a lot of cooking and baking. One of the funnest was these homemade tortillas. I think I may have kneaded the dough a little too long because when I went to roll them out they were rather rubbery and kept trying to come back together in their pre-rolled shape. We finally got through rolling and cooking them all. I have to thank my husband for rescuing me because I was getting tired and just hit a wall so he took over rolling the balls of dough out. He said he felt like a five year old because this should be easier and he was having a hard time. So I gave him some dough rolling pointers and went to sit done and calm down for a rest.

Here is the finished yummy snack. I was making them for the next day but they are the best when they are hot and fresh so we had to have some with some melty butter. Yum.

I've been really busy helping our young women get ready for a"New Beginnings" program where they get to welcome the girls who will be turning twelve and joining the program. I did a lot of the decorations and we assigned most of the talks to the young women and they did an excellent job.

My husband was reading over my shoulder this evening as I was reading other bloggers tags on their husbands. He thought it was pretty cute so I thought I might right one up for him. Have a great night and sleep well everyone. Mr. Sandman just informed me that I was going to bed, Pronto! So I'd better listen.

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