Monday, January 14, 2008

On My Breakfast Plate

I'd gotten into the habit of eating pancakes or french toast for breakfast so this morning I decided by body needed a little more balanced nourishment. Into the pan went a little oil. I like grapeseed the best because it has almost no flavor and a has high smoke point. Perfect for stir frying. I like to save better oils like olive and sesame as condiments to retain their flavors. I chopped up onions and garlic from my garden last summer. I started those carmelizing and then added chopped potatoes. Those cooked for a little while and then in went sliced crimini mushrooms. I like these because they are denser and taste a little like mini portobellos for a third of the price. While those cooked down and added moisture to the pan I chopped up broccoli and cauliflower. I started some crumbled up lite, extra firm tofu in another pan and added some salt, pepper and powdered chipotle pepper. The veggies were put in with the potatoes, onions and mushrooms and let to steam for a little while. The final touch was to put in some chopped fresh chard from my garden. When that was done I tossed in the tofu and sat down for a very tasty breakfast. Aahh...

Now it's off for some shopping with my son. We both are anxious for the spring semester which starts in two weeks. He is going to give me some voice lessons over at the university. I haven't spent regular, consistent time exercising my vocal chords since the last time I was in a choir, almost 14 years ago. So I signed myself up to sing in Acapella choir. Yikes, I'm a little nervous. So he is going to help me out with that. In exchange he gets to practice driving. We've got to get on the ball since he is almost 19 and still doesn't have his driver's license.

P.S. My son and I were experimenting with dropping in videos and playing with the source code so I've got some random things on here that I need to remove when I have time. Have a great day.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like a wonderful breakfast. It is so nice that you have all of those fresh veggies.