Friday, January 04, 2008

Storm, Wind ,Rain, in Northern California

I was warm and cozy in bed when I woke to the sound of the wind howling and the rain being flung against the windows outside. I was still in that sleep paralysis mode but flip opened the laptop on the nightstand to check the weather on NOAA.
This link will show you the current weather in the Sacramento Valley. It's crazy out there. No sooner did I get the laptop open and my husband peeked in and saw me and said, "Hey, I need some help out here." So I jumped up, threw on my ski pants, jacket an extra hat and my waterproof Hi-Tec hiking boots and went running outside into the storm. We have a thin wall on one side of our carport where we store the bisqued pottery ready to be glazed and the wall was peeling of in the wind. We screwed that on and saw the flash of a transformer blowing out in the distance . My fingers were starting to go numb so I ran around the place to take a quick look at the rabbits and to make sure nothing else was giving out.....Eeeeck the power went out and I was about to unplug everything when it came back on and the computer started powering back up. I decided to take the chance to let it warm back up so I could finish this post. I am a bit nervous about the weather and the power going out again so I think I'll sign off, go make breakfast and snuggle in for some scripture reading, baking and movie watching. I re-rented Mirror Mask which should be fun. If my laptop has enough battery power I may play with Photoshop.

Have a great day and stay safe.

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