Monday, September 12, 2011

New Terracotta Work

New work going on in the "studio," aka basement right now.  I had been without a place to fire any of my work since finishing up over at the university and I was starting to go a bit insane.  I even let my fingernails grow and was starting to polish them!  First time I've had long fingernails in the past twelve years.  I hadn't been sure how to solve my lack of kiln dillema until a little over a week ago.  While I was having a garage sale with some of my older work, a potter/student came up and we got to talkin'.  He told me of a studio he new of where I could work and get some stuff fired.  The only problem is it is really far away from me.  I mean REALLY far!  As in four whole blocks away!  I couldn't believe it.  I went and visited the studio with a bowl of fruit in hand for a potluck lunch they have every Friday.  It was awesome and I have been jumping for joy for the last three days.  Has it only been three days? Only?  I came right home and went to work.  Strange thing though, even though I consider myself more of a potter I really didn't feel like making pottery.  I've had these sculptural ideas that have been taking up my thoughts for the past month or so.  So this is what I have been up to.  I'm pretty happy with this first piece so far and I have another one started. Not sure if this is complete or if I might combine it with some other "part" or perhaps some mixed media.  Ah, excitement!  Now if I can keep on track and get my grad school applications in I will be doing great.

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Jesse Lu said...

OOOh, I'm excited about this. This piece looks like a Dr. Zeuss wonderland to me. Also, I totally here you on the "growing out the fingernails with polish" situation. That's where I'm at right about now. But I also recently found a studio where I can fire but it's about 20 minutes away. By Car!