Monday, September 05, 2011

Bedroom Floor Art Studio

This is what happens when you plan to do a little sketching while leisurely listening to Pandora.   I have started pasting images into my sketchbook from other artists to use as jumping off points for exploration of new ideas.  I have been quite interested lately in architectural structures and conglomerates.  The image from the bottom right of my sketchbook is the artist, Julia Haft-Candell. It is a detail of her piece titled, The Bike. This spring she was a project space artist at NCECA, national ceramics conference.

 The Bike by Julia Haft-Candell

Lauren Gallaspy

Lauren Gallaspy is another artist whose work I have been enjoying immensely.  I love her uninhibited use of porcelain with the drips and bridges and juxtaposition of solid and delicate elements.  On top of her forms she delicately draws figures and abstract elements in pastel hues which embody the struggle between opposites, love and hate, attraction and repulsion. 

Lauren Gallaspy

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