Saturday, April 23, 2011

Culminating Exhibition Pictures

Close up of the Cased Spirals

Oh the joys of graduating!  After being up for only a week, last night was time to take down the show.  I kept telling myself that I wouldn't wait until the very last minute to take photos.  Did I do that? Of course not.  So I thought I was getting some pretty good images for not having a professional setup.  Then when I downloaded the images I realized I didn't have my white balance set properly.  Ugh!  So somewhere in the last four crazy weeks of school I'll try to set stuff up again in my "home photo studio" and take some more shots.  Hmm...

Left view of the gallery

I had  the reception on Wednesday night with lots of students, faculty, friends and family in attendance.  I had a lot of great feedback and my mom was a trooper for coming with and being there for moral support.  Thanks everyone.

Down the center

Right side

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Linda Fahey said...

these photos are amazing! it looks like a very successful show, congratulations!!