Saturday, October 02, 2010

Too Much Fun

I have been having way too much fun in the ceramics studio lately.  Of course we had a critique for class that was coming up so that kept me pretty busy.  I think I have had the most fun with the laser decals I have been designing.

Here are the results of two different deer images I have been working with.  I'm loving this process.  These two pieces are going to go on Etsy tomorrow for a test run. Our instructor got a laser printer for the class since the print shop changed the ink.  I'll have to write more about this process later and put in some links to resources but I've been going full steam ahead today.  Fired the kiln, helped mix 600 pounds of recycled clay, mixed a batch of casting slip, had a ceramics photo shoot.  And, oh yeah, got my NCECA student exhibition entry in an hour and a half from the deadline! Have an excellent weekend.

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Fat Chick Design said...

Those are totally stunning, really, really lovely
I find your work very inspiring and your posts too.