Friday, July 22, 2011

Farmer's Market Breakfast

I have been feeling very much a "foodie" lately.  We had a food crisis in our house about a week ago.  We had been eating healthy but it had pretty much been the same food over and over again.  So at 9:30 one night we headed out to the co-op for some quinoa and fresh veggies.   Since then I have been to the farmer's market twice to stock up on heirloom tomatoes, basil, chard, cucumbers, and summer squash.  It is color, aroma, and food therapy all rolled into one.  Ah, summertime! 

This is what I concocted for myself for breakfast.  Sauteed mushrooms and summer squash with garlic and basil. Quinoa with shallots, basil, oregano, sliced almonds and sesame seeds that I cooked last night.  Some cucumber and celery salad that needed to be finished up and topped with market cherry tomatoes.  Umm, I think I got the bowl too full.  Actually I know I did, because I have been working my way through it and I definitely cannot finish it.  Yum.  Ok, time to get going for the day!


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!!! Pretty too.

cookingwithgas said...

I love summer food! This looks great!