Sunday, August 01, 2010

Perfect Evening

I had a wonderful evening tonight.  I headed out to Horseshoe Lake to see what kind of pictures I could get around sunset.  It was about time to really play with my  new camera and break it in a little.  The weather was great.  I got there just as the  sun was headed down behind a hill.  It had cooled off and there was a nice breeze.  It was beautiful to listen to all the ducks, crickets and birds as they headed off to their nests for the night.  They were actually making quite a racket.  Not the ducks, however.  They were just making peaceful little noises.  While I was walking around the lake I got the awesome opportunity to see this young buck come down the hill to get a drink.

He was really pretty use to seeing people and wasn't too interested in me as long as I held pretty still and didn't make any sudden movements.  Of course the telephoto really helped.  One of the main reasons for getting a new camera, besides the other one dying, was to get a digital SLR with a telephoto lens.  I have really missed having that ability to zoom in and to play around with depth of field.

My son was wonderful enough to set up his iMac in the spare bedroom so I would have a fast computer to save and edit my photos on.  Big thanks!  I have more wonderful photos from this evening but I still trying to figure out where I saved them to on this computer.  Thankfully I have worked on Macs before but I am more used to the PC platform.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures of that buck. Fuzzy little antlers.