Friday, June 04, 2010

A Day Well Spent

Today was a busy day and in the middle of it I am not sure if I specifically noticed that it was a good day.  Now at the end of it all I can sit down with a sigh and appreciate all that I got done and the fun I had.   Lots of ceramic work got done, the kiln shelf cleaning kind.  Errands, paperwork and phone calls and then back to the studio for more work.  After all the work was done we had some girl time.  The school studio has three Lockerbie kick wheels outside that no one uses.  We had cleaned the patio earlier and had the place all to ourselves so music, throwing, good conversation and good laughs ensued.  Then we all decided we needed to head off to the Farmer's market for some dinner and frozen yogurt.  Ah yes, it was a good day.

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