Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wildflowers and Clouds

Okay, this time I've gone way overboard with my blog posting. Well, you'll see why. It was definitely worth it. I've been incredibly busy going to school, making sculptures, playing in my garden and firing my kiln. Firing my kiln is what started all this. Or maybe it was the wind and rain that came first. I needed to fire the kiln but we had had two days of wind and rain and the kiln is outside so I need calm weather. Then Becky and I had decided we were going to go to Table Mountain on Saturday. By Friday I knew that Saturday was going to be the perfect day to fire the kiln. What's a friend supposed to do?

This is the view I came home to after being stuck inside all day at school. I knew this must be serendipitous and I knew what I had to do. Call Beck and go a day early. Of course! Besides, who could pass up these gorgeous clouds for photo opportunities. Thankfully, the spontaneous person that she is made my plans perfect. I picked her up in the late afternoon and we headed out.

This is the view that opened up before us as we headed out towards Butte College.

Oops, I missed the turn off because we were talking so much and I continued up highway 70 and we pulled into the Vista Point parking area where we were presented with this gorgeous panorama.

We headed back down the highway and finally made it to Table Mountain, hopped out of the car and Becky pointed out this rainbow behind us.

The late afternoon light was warm and perfect for showing off the gorgeous wildflowers still springing up everywhere.

Becky looked so cute sitting in the middle of this patch of flowers (trying to avoid sitting on the cow patties!)

I think maybe we took as many pictures of each other as we did of the landscape.

The shadows were lengthening...

and the cows were pretty used to people running all over the place.

The clouds started to turn pink as the sun was setting and we were racing back up the hill to the parking lot so we would have a better view of the sunset.

Out of breath, but delighted with our adventure, we snapped our last pictures.

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