Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring Wild Flowers

I went up to Table Mountain with my friend Jennifer yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the flowers are just gorgeous. I was impressed that Jennifer knew the names of almost all the flowers. I'm going to have to do my homework though. We walked all over the place and we hiked down a cliff to see a waterfall. We haven't had much rain so it was not very big. It was really nice at the bottom by the waterfall. There is a really nice wide grassy area with trees and shade. A perfect place for a picnic. I'd love to write more but I've got to go get ready for school.


Melissa said...

Very beautiful!

The Struthers Clan said...

Oh my gosh Kelly, what beautiful pictures!! I love them. Now I HAVE to go this weekend and take some pictures of my own. Thanks for the idea.