Friday, March 20, 2009

Fresh From the Oven

Or rather, hot out of the kiln. I opened up the kiln this morning and this is what I found. I couldn't even remember what I had glazed up two months plus ago. It was a pretty good load and a pretty good firing. The only thing I lost were four porcelain pieces that I glazed too heavily and they ran and adhered themselves to the kiln shelf. Yeah, I might actually get excited about getting back into this. But I really need to rebuild the kiln. It's made of fiber and starting to fall apart. That is going to be a huge job. I'm not sure I want to tackle it. But at least now I have a few pots to sell at the farmer's market.


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful Kelly!!! Wow, what a beautiful thing to open up to!!

LaShaunna said...

Wow, Beautiful! I miss going to the farmer's market and seeing your pottery!

Jscrapalex said...

Wow, those are beautiful!!! I especially love the ones with the blue dripping down. Lovely.