Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pottery and Cats

Whenever I'm outside, which is a lot, there is sure to be at least one cat supervising whatever I'm doing. I loaded all these pots into the kiln this past week so I'll have some new work out soon. Yeah!

Today was busy. I went down to set up at the farmer's market by myself. I couldn't wake the hubby up after the long night. He unloaded some hot pots from the kiln and came down later just in time to save me from being swamped. We came home after the market and I passed out for about three hours. Then it's been watering the garden, doing laundry and cutting up nectarines for the dehydrator. Phew! Time for bed again.


Melissa said...

Your cats are too cute! Hope you are having a nice vacation.

Rimona said...

Good for people to know.