Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Cuke

I found this funny cucumber in the garden this morning. I've been into sketching swirls and spirals lately so this just fit right in. I've had a bumper crop of cukes this summer from just three plants and I've canned about 15 jars of bread and butter pickles and relish. They'll be great on sandwiches when school starts up again. Yum.

And this is Tiger. I know, it's a very creative name. That's what you get when you let your 10 year old name the cat. She's been feisty ever since bottle feeding her when she was three weeks old. This is what she does when she wants to play. It took me years to figure out that's what she was communicating and you don't dare touch that delicious belly or she'll bite you. She's the sister to the orange tabby boys, one of which absolutely loves his belly scrubbed up. We call him the dog.

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Cute picture of Tiger! So did you eat the "crazy cuke"??????