Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hiatus Interruptus

Ummm, yeah.  I took a really long break from blogging.  Every time I seem to forget (sometimes purposefully) that I have a blog I resolve that I will be better about blogging.  Well, I'm not sure if I have the resolve to be resolved.  So there!

This is what I am currently up to.  At this precise moment exactly, except for typing.  This is my tiny computer table studio, where I can bury myself up to my eyeballs in paper stencils and watch movies at the same time I troop on with my stencil and slip application.  These are porcelain with a flashing slip and will go into the soda firing, probably the last of the year.

So the truth about my absence is that I went through a huge slump!  I mean the kind where for weeks you feel lucky to actually get yourself out of the house much less blogging.  Thank goodness I had studio responsibilities or I might not have gotten on so well.  I feel like I have pretty much pulled myself out of that hole.  Mostly.  I have actually gotten quite a bit of clay experimentation done so I will try to make a collage of images to catch everyone up.  That is, if, if, if....  You know, the resolve thing.

I do have good news.  I got into two shows and I am waiting to here from a third!  Who hoo!  Now to just keep up the momentum and keep entering.  Also, next year is going to be amazing!  I am in the planning stages for my summer activities. And, then poof!  Just like that, fall will be here and I will be off to grad school.  Should be busy, but that's really what keeps me sane.  Bye for now, and hopefully not for so long this time. (Was that too many exclamation points?  I must need a nap)


Vicki said...

We all go through slumps sometimes. Glad you're back!

claydancer said...

Thanks so much, Vicki!