Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunny in Santa Cruz

I finished my first two week class at CSU Summer Arts and had the day off so I decided to get out of the fog.  I headed up to Palo Alto for ACGA's Clay & Glass Festival.  I saw a lot of wonderful work, but for some reason was shy about taking photos of anyone's work.  However, I had the delight of running into this Patrick Dougherty sculpture outside of the Palo Alto Art Center.

Here is a video of the construction of the sculpture.

After being in Monterey's 60 degree foggy weather for two weeks I was eager for the sun and warmth which I got in Palo Alto.  It was about 78 degrees and I felt like I was in an oven so I hopped back in the car and headed out to Santa Cruz.  Yeah, I know, go figure?  

This is the view from the pier look south towards Monterey. Yep, that's the thick grey blanket I have been living in lately. 

But turn around an this is what you see.

 The sea lions migrate up from Southern California to feast and rest in the marine sanctuary.

Smile pretty for the camera!

 I love architectural elements,

and the different blues of the ocean and sky here.

And when I finally drove back to Monterey, I found out it had been sunny here today.  It figures.

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Jesse Lu Bain said...

Girl you are on quite the creative adventure this year... look at all these amazing workshops you've taken! Also, I love Santa Cruz. I forgot how much.