Monday, May 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, it may seem that my life is full of flowers and nature these days and that would be partially true.  I was extremely out of shape when I headed to Penland and felt like I had gotten in a little better shape by the time the eight weeks were done.  I wanted to keep that small edge and get in better shape when I got home so I have made my priority every day to get out for a hike, a walk, or a bike ride.  I can't help it if there are beautiful flowers all around.

On Friday I got back into the studio a little bit.  It was great to see all my Claymate friends and I had a number of pieces that needed to be glazed so that's what I focused on.  Now that I am home I am in the middle of apartment/house hunting so that is taking a little of my attention.  I am trying to figure out what my focus should be with clay for the next year or so before I head to grad school.  I feel like I want to get rid of most of the work that is starting to take over my space.  That would free up my mind to start on a whole new body of work inspired by my time at Penland.

While I am working all these ideas out I will continue taking hikes like this one scrambling down the path to a nice swimming hole.

The heading aroma of this scotch broom filled the canyon near the creek.

The swimming hole but oh was it cold!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are more images of work I made while at Penland.

 I made these in the first week when we were given a cup exchange assignment.  They have paper resist stencils with underglaze.  When Julie Guyot came to visit, she brought some commercial decals which I had never used before so on they went.  I really enjoy the transparency and how they layer over the stencil images and add another layer of depth and information to the mugs. Julie by the way is amazing, super nice, and a wonderful clay artist!

This is the first time I have made cruets and I enjoyed them.  Definitely going to make some more.

And, finally, I love, love, love these salt and pepper shakers.  Another first with more to follow.
That's all for now.  Have a delightful and creative week everyone!


Lori Leaumont said...

I've so, so enjoyed watching your progress at Penland! Your work is just beautiful, and all the new forms and surface techniques are exciting to see! I'm glad I got to be a part of funding your trip. I just wanted to tell you that I got my mug in the mail today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am so in love! I can't stop running my hands over it and noticing all the pretty glaze drips and tiny stamped textures. Thanks so much!

claydancer said...

Yay, Lori! I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound and that you like it:) I just got back into the studio to make a couple of things today. Going to play with new ideas from Penland. Yippie <3 I am so grateful for you and everyone else who funded my project. It truly meant a lot to me and was a great help.