Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiles Inspired by Jenny Mendes

Last spring ceramic artist, Jenny Mendes, came and spent a month at Chico State to prepare a body of work.  She graciously shared her knowledge and let me sneak (hehe) into her work space to pester her.  Just kidding.  I really enjoyed getting to talk with Jenny and getting to know about her and her work.  These tiles were inspired by Jenny's work.  I started them just before she left in April and I just now got around to taking pictures of them.

I'm thinking of trying some more things out with this terra sig work.  I made these tiles on some recycled clay which was NOT a good idea.  It seems like the sig wants to jump right of the edges if I even look at the tiles.  I did throw some platters out of some earthenware and have started applying some imagery to those.  I am quite interested in making some more tiles.  The problem is just to figure out how, when or if it can even fit into my schedule.

Trying out different configurations.


Jesse Lu said...

I love the work of Jenny Mendez. I finally broke down and bought a miniature mask a couple months ago and I love it. I bet it was awesome getting to learn from her. Plus, you tiles look fantastic. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures and your posts Kelly!! You have learned so well and done so much with your knowledge. I especially love the utube video. You make it looks SO easy!! LOL