Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turkey Leftovers Equals Turkey Enchiladas

Yum, turkey leftovers!  I was tired of the turkey soup from Thanksgiving so I decided to make enchiladas. Unfortunately I was being a bit lazy and used store bought enchilada sauce.  You can see in the first photo that my tortillas look pretty greasy.  They were!  I was going from childhood memories and not a recipe and forgot the obvious of draining the tortillas after frying them to soften them up.  However, I did remember how to stuff and roll them, easy.  And, of course, pouring the can of sauce over them was easy also.  After a thirty minute bake in the oven they came out bubbling and delicious.  I think I am going to have to make them again because I want to try a few different things.  One, I want to make my own sauce.  This one just didn't have the flavor I was thinking of.  Second, I think I would caramelize the onions before putting them in the enchiladas. The third change I need some help on.  How would you soften up the tortillas without all of the oil?  I would really rather not fry them at all if I can help it.  Any ideas would be a great help.  Thanks.


LaShaunna said...

I usually just put a little sauce in a skillet and turn it on low so the sauce gets warm, but not too hot, then I dip my tortilla in the sause for a few seconds to warm and soften up.Then fill it with the stuff. Hope that helps, it works well for us.

claydancer said...

Thanks LaShaunna. Hope you are having a Happy New Year!