Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Too Pooped to Pop

I'm so tired. I spent the morning handpainting a silkscreen. What was I thinking? I didn't realize I'd have to go back over it so many times to fill in all the little pinholes. Well, it has been a learning experience at least. Then I went to Michaels for some t-shirts and felt so grateful that they were on sale 2 for $5. Woo hoo! I had to buy sixteen. Now for the washing, ironing and silkscreening. I know, glutton for punishment. Actually I'm having fun and I think the girls I'm taking to camp will really like them.

I almost got caught in a tornado producing storm. We drove right through the system and it was pretty scary. I felt like a storm chaser keeping an eye out for funnels and vortexes while my husband drove. He was pretty nervous but really kept his cool. We were afraid because there was no place to take cover and we had to decide to keep going or turn around and go back. We called my mom on the cell phone and made her get on the internet and that's when we found out there was a tornado warning right where we were driving through. It was quite a lot of excitement. I only had my cell phone and took some pics with that but too tired to do it now.

Then I went to church for a youth activity and that was hilarious. The youth put on a karoake night and they were just hilarious. Then I got home and decided the dishes needed to be cleaned and my hubby wasn't home yet so then I decided to pit some of the cherries we picked yesterday. I needed to make a dent in the pile of fruit in the refrigerator.

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