Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stormy Daffodil

I had great evening in spite of the fact that the two, not just one, but the two pineapple upside down cakes I was baking got pretty botched. I was busy firing the kiln and keeping an eye on it when I decided to make the cakes. One was to go to a friend and the other was for my son's birthday. First I forgot to put the pineapple and the cherries on the bottom before I poured the batter in. Then I decided to grab my camera and go out in the "mini" orchard to see how the trees were blooming. That led me to the daffodils and then to petting the cat who proceeded to demand that I sit down in the garden so he could play lap cat and get some good scratches. That of course led to a photo shoot of the cat, his name is Funny. When I finally remembered the cakes it was a bit too late. The one on the top rack was very brown, verging on black on the top. I cut into it to find out the the butter and brown sugar mix on the bottom had solidified to the extremely hard ball candy stage. The second cake was a little better but I almost didn't get it out of the pan and it left its butter sugar layer in the pan. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I think it was worth it though for this shot of the daffodil and brooding sky in the background
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Anonymous said...

the closest i ever got to Chico was riding a horse named Chico and ignoring the Marx Brother. But, i AM intrigued about the blossoming trees..
in Chico. and the strange cakes in Chico. no matter what the sky looks like. what the day brings.
WU woo !

claydancer said...

Ah, the strange cakes are getting better and different plants are blossoming. All the oak trees are leafing out. It's beautiful, but the pollen, oh the pollen.