Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One Busy Day

Ah, this is the way to end a busy day. I got a lot accomplished. Since I really do make pottery I thought I ought to actually post a picture of some of the work in progress as well as some of my other activities of the day.

Here are some berry bowls upside down so the foot of the bowl dries without cracking. I stil have to tidy these up before they go into the kiln.

This is my garden supervisor, "Funny" cat. Also my mascot on my flickr page. The cats, I have 8, give or take the few ferals that wonder in from time to time. They all use to be ferals until they decided that being lap cats was the better way to go.

My cold frame that I put some seeds in on January 25. I have snow peas, sugar snap, spinach, and hibiscus. Most are already sprouting. Yeah, spring and then summer will be here before you know it. Of course it has been a strange winter. Hardly any rain. Lots of freezing cold nights and frosty mornings. The fruit trees will love it. Today it was so nice at noon that I had to put shorts and a t-shirt on while I worked in the rose bed. It actually seemed balmy tonight but we do have a change in the weather pattern and it is finally suppose to rain tommorrow.

A view of the winter garden. Onions, kale, collards, garlic and some sorry looking statice that froze. I can see some green under all that brown so I think they'll come back fine.

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