Friday, August 04, 2006

Zucchini Madness

This is the year of the zucchini. Wait, I said that last year. No, wait, I said that the year before. I ponder on this as I listen to my crookneck and patty pan squash frying in the pan. You think I would have learned my lesson. In years before the zucchini didn't do that great but I was overwhelmed with "Bush's Prolific" and had a lot of crookneck. This year I forced myself not to grow the white patty pan that turns into a flying saucer when you leave it on the plant for more than two days. I thought I'd be safe with the zucchini. I thought I had the successive plantings timed so the newer plants wouldn't bear until the older had stopped. Eeeeek! With all the heat we have been having, I have never seen so many squash in my entire life. It's piled up in the fridge and sitting in bags in the pantry. There is no more room in the freezer and the ladies at church are looking at me cross eyed as I carry the bags of squash in. Well, maybe I will have learned my lesson for next year. Of course you know what happens when spring fever hits and the ground starts warming up and one longs to be out puttering away in the yard... If I can just remember to put in the drip line and plant more flowers and less squash maybe I'll be ok.

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